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FREE shipping for orders over 99 RON
FREE shipping for orders over 99 RON
Antibacterial & hypoallergenic

The bamboo fiber has antibacterial, hypoallergenic and odour-free properties.

Silky touch

Get ready to fall in love with this textile, as delicate and soft as silk. The bamboo is one of the most comfortable fabrics you will ever wear.


Bamboo clothes offer temperature control, being comfortable to wear during the hot season, as well as during cold season.

Natural UV protection

The bamboo fabric filters up to 98% of harmful radiations, offering natural protection against UV rays.

A Fresh Perspective on Fashion

Now more than ever we have a desire for fewer, better quality items. As trends are slowing down, women focus on long-lived, responsibly made wear. Our products crafted in soft organic bamboo fibers channel minimalism and offer you an always fashionable wear, at unmatched comfort, while caring for the environment. Welcome to BAMBU!

Like Sunday morning...

The Best Feeling Ever

BAMBU knows that good basics are important and can make a big difference in your day. Our collection of undies has you covered in terms of comfort, durability and function. It is designed to fit anybody and it's made from organic BAMBOO! Hooray!

Green is the New Sexy

From the materials we use to the way we design and ship our products, we are committed to deliver comfortable and sustainable pieces that you can feel great about.  

Join our Journey to BAMBUphoria!

We at BAMBU create affordable luxury encapsulated in our super comfy underwear made from heavenly soft tanboocel™ organic bamboo yarn, woven and sewn in Romania, using a timeless and versatile design. In an era of extreme consumerism, we base our brand on the slow fashion philosophy, aiming to deliver high quality garments manufactured locally, from premium bamboo fabric, while respecting the environment. If you are opposing the standardisation of taste, and appreciate high quality minimalist garments, if you want to support local communities, and care for the environment, then join us in our journey to BAMBUphoria! Try BAMBU for yourself! We’re certain you’ll be back for more.

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