Our story

We discovered bamboo clothing while seeking the perfect clothes for our baby. We fell in love with the incredible silky texture, and their lightness. And once we found out that they don’t wrinkle and the stains come out easily, we started digging deeper into the intrinsic properties of bamboo fiber. We learned that it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, it reduces unpleasant smells, offers UV protection, has thermo-control capabilities and last, but not least, it is very environmental friendly.


Once, at a friend's kid’s party, we got him a bamboo pyjama as a gift. His daddy, touching the fabric, exclaimed: “I would wear bamboo clothes all the time myself!“
And so it hit us! Why couldn’t we, grown-ups, also have soft and silky clothes, perfect for close to the skin wearing? And this is how we started looking for bamboo clothing for adults. We discovered the same passion for this wonderful fabric far and away (ex. Carihola in the US, BAM clothing in the UK), but hardly at all in Romania.


Even though I have a job in a corporation - to which I returned after my maternity leave ended it gives me the butterflies to dream about a creative entrepreneurial project, a start-up that I could grow and tailor with passion and dedication. But what could it be? What can I do for the greater good of today's world, when it seems we have everything we could possibly need, right at hand? And the answer came, slowly, like a tender breeze and gained shape: let's bring to people the excitement of the first date with bamboo! Just making acquaintance, as the rest will fall into place, like a "coup-de-foudre". This is how the idea of BAMBU online shop took root: to bring you the joy of wearing bamboo! Our long-term vision is to launch original collections, created by Romanian designers and made in Romania.

Comfort is our number one priority! Thus, we integrated fashion with function, combining the minimalist design (always in trends!) with the seamless technology, which ensures that garments adapt perfectly to the body and move along with it, making people forget that they are actually wearing them.

We start with a small selection of items and, depending on the level of interest of those who join us, we will expand it gradually, from underwear, socks, pyjamas, sportswear, garments for maternity and children, to sleeping bags for babies, quilts, linen, towels and bathrobes.

So join us in this awesome journey! We strongly encourage you to tell us in your comments what are your expectations and experiences (products you would like to find in our shop, suggestions, etc.). We also invite you to sign up on our website www.bambu.ro to stay informed about our campaigns.


For more information regarding the properties of bamboo fiber, as well as the care instructions, please refer to the section "Why wear bamboo?" on our website.